Hi, I’m Diego, the guy behind of this blog!

I’m software and web developer, musician (in my relax time). I live in Praia Grande, São Paulo. I graduated in system analysis and development from Fatec-PG college and one of the co-founders of Weyes Technology Solutions.

I started work as a programmer in the early of 2014, before that, I had already taught the basic of computer design for teenagers using GIMP and Flash CS6 tools in the municipal educational system of the city.

That was a great challenge because I’ve never done anything like this before, I did not have the experience to teach and I never used graphical tools before. After that I realized that, I can go far away.

I started my career in technology as a computer repair technician and as a help desk technician in the early 2000s

Delphi was my first programming language, and I had this course in a “vocational courses” that were very popular in Brazil in the 90s and in the middle of 2000s.

The course was not as good as expected but it made me see the other side of technology that I did not know, and I realized that technology was way beyond computer repair.

In 2010 I decided to go to college to learn more about software development and system analysis and here I am creating a blog to share my professional and life experience.

Why did you decide to create a blog?

I create the blog based on the principle of: to put me in a good position in the job market, to share my knowledge and to share my hobbies.

The first reason came because I see the blog as an extension (a DLC?) of my résumé.

Everyone has easy access to the internet nowaday so you are giving a chance to people to see how you do work and how you know use your ideas, after all, who doesn’t like to see or have a “free sample” of your job or product, isn’t it?

The second reason came because I felt that I needed to expose all of my raw accumulative knowledge in something or somewhere. Making some search on the internet I discover that, to retain 75% learners need to put into practice what they learned and incredible 90% learners approximately retain when they teach someone else/use immediately.

The blog came to help me mastery my develop and analysis skills, to learn how to refine my raw information in knowledge and my writing skills.

The third (the last but not least) reason came to share my hobbies, to share what I do like and don’t like to do, as Jesus said a more than 2000 years ago “It is not just bread that keeps people alive [Matthew 4:4]”. We only get one life, we don’t need to spend it at all work. That’s why I’m going to share my likes about games, music, books, foods, films and TV series, draw and arts and my faith.

How can I contact you?

Do you want to chat, make a job proposal, give and receive advice/tips and so forth?

[email protected]

What inspires me.

Matthew 25:14 ~ 30
We are unhappy because we neglect and buried our talents

One more thing

You noticed that I’m not an “English native” not even an “Expert”, but I’m writing in English because I want to get better and reach to the fluency. I’ll appreciate if you help me spend your precious time send me your suggestion and correction about my sentences. ;)