Hackintosh and Programming

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The tutorials about Jekyll has over. Now the blog is going to take a different way, the real proposal of its create.

I don’t post any article in the last week, why didn’t I post, because I spent almost five days reading, searching and installing Hackintosh on my laptop.

The goal of mine was to buy a mid-cheap laptop and install the three most important operational systems: a Windows, a Linux distro (Fedora in my case) and a Mac OS X.

Now you are asking yourself.

Why didn’t you buy a Macbook Air? It’s the cheapest one.

Yeah, it is, for you who not living in Brazil. If you want to buy a simple Macbook Air today (05/28/2017) in Brazil that has a price of R$ 7499,00, converting to US Dollar 2300, that is what you need to spend if you want to buy one here.

What the heck is a Hackintosh?

A Hackintosh is a Mac OS X running on a PC hardware. Since Apple left behind the PowerPC architecture, installing a Mac OS X become less painful than it was a couple of years ago.

To install a Hackintosh on your PC or even in a Laptop, you need to know well your hardware because not all hardware are compatible with Hackintosh but, there are a bunch of guides to help any beginners to find out what they need to have a Hackintosh that working.

The Hackintosh community is big. One of the most important sites is tonymacx86 and hackintosh.com.

When I got install it, I was so happy because I needed to format thrice my hard-driver, almost thrice-in-row.

I’m dual boot user (Windows + Linux), but now I got to install the Mac OS X, I’m becoming a triple boot user and, I won’t need to use a virtual machine anymore.

Although all of these annoying situation, the result is satisfactory! The system is running so well and smoothly that it’s giving you a sensation of duty accomplished.

In a non-far future, I’m thinking on create a guide/tutorial about: how to install a Mac OS X on a Desktop or a laptop. The Mac OS X installation isn’t 100% but, it’s much better than to use a virtual machine to programming.


What I said at the beginning of this post, the blog going to take a different way. I’m going to write more about programming stuff. I need to show my programming skills, that’s why I created this blog.

The primary programming language that I’ve used to program is Java. Java was the programming language that I got my first job as a programmer.

Man shall not live by Java alone

Joking apart what I did mean was that I’d written articles that involve Web Development, Mobile Development, Tools, IDE, Test Tools and so on.

I’m thinking about to create a new tab called “Today I learned.” In this tab, I’m going to share with you things that I’ve learned in the day.

By the way… Thank you for reading!