The First of many to come!

1 minute read

Here I am, writing my first of many posts that will come

Everything in life has a beginning “captain obvious,” this is my beginning, the beginning of getting out of my box and get started to expose things that I did, I do and the things that I’ll do.

I spent all day thinking what am I going to writing about here in my first post.

But what I did was watching some Youtube channels, reading some Bleach mangas “no, I’m not an otaku” and playing Grand Theft Auto V for long hours, after all, I bought the game on Steam pre-order, and I haven’t finished the game since then.

Before all of that, I had already accomplished all household chore

During my free time in somewhere in my brain, I was thinking about my first post content.

I was thinking about it since the day I had that idea to create/build a blog came into my heart, and it was working together with my mind, they did not stop making and scheming the whole of the idea that could be possible right now.

So, this is a rainy Friday, April 07, 2017, are exactly 07h10 P.M, and I’m here writing those random things to not push up to the server with an only “about” page but at least one post page.

Here I do the honors to open my blog, and I thank you if you are here for curiosity, idleness, sadness, happiness, you are very welcome to my blog.