XCODE 9 Beta, Swift 4 and Cats Years

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Learning new things to set yourself apart from your competitors and reaching out new opportunities or freelance jobs it’s the base to survive on the local and global market job.

I’m not an experienced programmer (almost three years working on it), and my first job as a programmer was with programming Android / Java language.

During this week I’ve decided to study something new. I was annoyed with my progress in Java, so I was wanted to study anything that isn’t related to it.

Then, navigating through my Hackintosh, I remembered that I could learn to program for macOS, iPad, and iOS devices, ooh wee!!

So I entered in “Self-Taught” mode.

XCODE 9 Beta 4

XCODE is an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) that provides support tools, source code editor, compiler, build automation and facilities to help software programmers for building apps for Mac, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Apple TV.



Although I’ve already worked with other IDE before such as Eclipse, Netbeans, Visual Studio, Android Studio and etcetera, the XCODE is very clean and intuitive for beginners that never had put their hands on an IDE before.

The XCODE is stable even in your Beta release until now, and I’m astonished because this version is running smoothly even in a machine that is not an Apple device.

Swift 4

Swift 4 is a programming language used for building applications for Apple devices. The first version of Swift (1.1) released on October 14, 2014.

The new version was released on 2017 with some new features such as source compatibility with the early version (Swift 3) and mixing code with it either.

One of the features of Swift programming language is that it is an object-oriented language. It’s a good point if you’re coming from another object-oriented language like Java or C#.

I noticed that Swift is less verbose than the other two programming languages, that means that it’s easier to read and write than them and make the learning curve less difficult.

Cat Years

During my self-taught, I learned how to create a Cat Years app. It’s a simple app, all it does is calculate your cat’s age and pass it to the cat year as you can see in the image down below.

Cat Years

That’s it, in the future post I’ll show the source code for you.

Thank you guys for reading this article, I’ll hope you enjoy it, any question about it, leave a message down below.

Thumbnail photo by Mikhail Vasilyev on Unsplash